First Stage of Work on the AndroBot …. AndroBot v1.0

Finally some breakthroughs on the project that we have been working on for 2 days, the AndroBot v1.0 as we are calling it right now.The AndroBot v1.0 is a remotely operated ,differential driven 3 wheel bot.It is our first attempt at android programming as well as communication via bluetooth, hence it still has a lot of glitches and an infinite scope of improvement but a great start nonetheless.

               The basic idea behind our first attempt was to familiarize ourselves with bluetooth as well as android.We wanted to control a robot using an android mobile via bluetooth.Since we din’t have a bluetooh module of our own , we decided to use the bluetooth in our PC to accept commands from the android and forward it to the bot using the RF modules available with us.

                  The first step was to understand how to make android scripts that can “talk” to a device paired to the mobile via bluetooth.We finally had a program that displays 5 buttons (namely forward,left,right,back and halt) which when pressed send certain data to the paired PC via bluetooth.

There was a python script running on the PC that via bluetooth accepts these data and forwards it to the USB port.To the USB port we had an Arduino microcontroller connected that accepted these data and communicated it to the arduino present on the AndroBot via an Rx- Tx RF module .

The data accepted via the Rx module is fed to the microcontroller and the arduino interprets the command and performs the particular  function depending on the code/sketch running on it.We used an L293D    ( A Motor Driver IC ) to drive 2 DC motors independently  to have a differentially driven bot able to run forward, backward, turn left, right and stop.

As i mentioned earlier, this is just a start for us and we have a long way to go. Further developments  will ( /may … still  not decided : -)  )  include using the android mobile as a sensor and using data from the various sensors like accelerometers,GPS and camera in the android and making it react to the environment.

Again I point out that this is just a first attempt and hence contribution, ideas, criticism and praise are all welcomed.Finally,the first prototype of AndroBot in action on my youtube channel.The link to the video is HERE


About ranjanritesh

I am currently working as a Software Engineer for Cisco Systems India in Bangalore. I’ve been working for Cisco since August 2013. I am a BITS Goa Alumni. I earned my Bachelors in Electronics and Instrumentation in August 2013 from there. My interests include Image Processing, Systems Programming and hacking on the Linux Kernel. I also like tinker a bit with Arduino and other microcontrollers.
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2 Responses to First Stage of Work on the AndroBot …. AndroBot v1.0

  1. Jeevan says:

    Superb . waiting for further developments . Please keep posting

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